"Children are great imitators. Give them something great to imitate"



Creating body awareness early on with heaps of fun!

In addition to the aspect of movement and having fun moving, these trainings are also good for self confidence and social competence.

In these Kids & Teens Trainings we combine functional movements with workouts, which are very varied and a lot of fun. ​Every exercise is modified on the age of the kids.

Teens learn more demanding exercises, meanwhile the youngsters are learning mostly playfully.​

  • Outdoor Trainings (Bremgarten / Wohlen)

  • Indoor Trainings (in progression... more infos to follow soon....)

Check out these special packages:

​- Sibling discount
- Package with Jenn's Bootcampzone (Outdoor Trainings for adults, 10er Karten)


Check out a trial session for free.

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