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The way you train affects your body on the way to its "new self"

A pregnancy is a fascinating thing and the body adapts phenomenal .

But still, somehow "everything is changing". Questions pop up in your head and reliable information is hard to find or misleading. Movements which once were save might not be the best choice at certain stages of your pregnancy. Still there is no need to stop training, in fact you should keep moving as long as you (healthely) can. 


With your training, modification, substitution respectively, you can support your body even during pregnancy for its recovery postpartum.

Meanwhile training mindfully postpartum supports recovery and also is balm for the soul. Think hormons, they are no joke!

  • Prenatal

How you train and breathe affects your pregnancy. There is no need to stop training, on the contrary, but it is smart and recommended to adapt certain parts and moves. Also to avoid symptoms like leaking, prolapse feelings etc. For now and postpartum. Yes, how you train during pregnancy, is having an impact on your body postpartum.

  • Postpartum

The recovery is as individual as every body and pregnancy is. It needs adaption also to prevent symptoms like prolapse, leaking etc.

Lots of women also are overwhelmed cause the hormonal change is no joke and can be really tough on ones mind.

  • Womens Fitnes (Girls go strong) - WOMEN ONLY 

Do you feel more comfortable to train only among women (Moms, not-Moms, simply every girl)?

Then get in touch for the small group trainings.



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