"Strive to be the best version of yourself."


  • Private Training

In Private Training sessions you get 1:1 consulting.

You can also come with a friend or your partner for a 2:1 session and get a reduced pricing. 

Find more information here 

  • Medical Training

This is where you start after finishing your physio therapy after a injury or surgery. 

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  • Prenatal & Postpartum Athleticism

How can I train during pregnancy, what should I avoid? When can I start with sports and how can I train to support my body with healing postpartum?

Lots of women feel lost, and it is tough finding sufficient information.

Here you will find more information.

  • Training from 60+ up

Moving and training is getting more and more important as you grow older.  The "fitter" the body, the longer you can live independendly and continuing an active day to day life.

In these "Legends Trainings" courses are with participants from the age of 60 up.

Find more information here.

  • Packages 

Get in touch for your individual package, combined on your needs.

  • Workshops

Workshops on different themes on request.

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