"Choose a goal and strive to be the best. Aim high. The world needs all you can give"

EO Wilson


Do you need structure in your training or are you having a specific goal?

Get your personalized trainingprogram!

  • Strength training

Build up your strength to the next level (Full Body)

  • Metabolic conditioning

Improve your stamina without overloading - no matter if it is just for your general fitness, your 1st 10km run or a marathon.

  • CrossTraining

Consisting Technique/Skill/Strength, varied workouts and accessory work.

  • Olympic Weightlifting

Consisting the disciplines Snatch, Clean and Jerk.

Additionally you will have exercises for speed, strength and complexes..

  • Medical Training

Your plan after a injury or surgery to get back on track and building up muscles and supporting structure.

2 Private Trainings are mandatory before you get your plan. 

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  • Prenatal & Postpartum Training

This plan is especially for pregnant women or postnatal. they are developped to support the strained muscles and also to prevent symptoms or work around them.

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Contact me to get more information or an individual package.

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